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20 Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained (& You Sane) During Summer Vacation

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Schools out for summer, and the kids couldn't be more excited. Summer vacation means no responsibilities for the two months away from the classroom. This excitement usually lasts for approximately one week. Then they are bored out of their minds and asking for something to do every five minutes. Better yet, they have pitched a tent in front of the TV and aren't moving unless it is essential.

I'm not sure how old your kids are, but we have a tween in our household. That's the age between kid and teenager. You'll know you're there when you call them a kid, and they freak out. Or when they start to have the attitude of a teenager but still act like a kid—catching my drift here?

Nonetheless, the tweens are just like every other human; they get bored. So when they come asking, "What's can I do? I'm bored." Instead of reading off a list of chores, give them options that meet their standards. (Although I usually start with the list of chores.)

1. Create a recipe

If your kid likes to bake or cook, let them create a recipe. Let them raid the inexpensive spices to determine which ones would pair nicely. Most importantly, make sure they know that it is their duty to clean up the kitchen after destroying it!

2. Youtube Challenge

We love watching all sorts of Youtube videos. Educational, funny, competitions, you name it. Currently, we have been watching The Icing Artist @ My favorite thing about her videos is that she always has fun and uses a silly face to cover all her videos. She's turned some of the ugliest store-bought cakes into gorgeous wedding cakes. Pick something fun and simple like this and challenge the kiddos to create something unique.

3. Volunteer Time

As parents or stand-ins, we want to teach the next generation that helping others is a fantastic opportunity. The opportunity could come from donating flowers to a Senior Center or spending time walking animals at the local animal shelter. Whatever they choose, going the extra mile for others is worth it. Here are some great places to volunteer time!

4. Build Something

A birdhouse, treehouse, or planter box can all be built out of scrap wood and a bucket of nails. Let them design and build it, only assist when they ask. After they build it, apply paint to jazz it up.

5. Swim

If you have a pool, let them swim. Invite a friend or cousin over to keep them company. Invest in some pool toys. Kids are like fish; they love the water and will swim for hours.

6. Waterslide & Sprinklers

Don't have a pool? That's not a problem. Take a tarp, hose, and soap and create a slip n slide. The kids will love it, and the dogs like to play too! If you don't want to destroy a section of your lawn, then set up a sprinkler so the kids can cool off.

7. Shoot BB Guns

If you live in the country, let your kid shoot a BB gun. Take an empty milk carton or soda can and set it against a tree. Preferably a tree not aimed towards an animal, the road, or someone's house. Let them practice their aim and develop a new skill.

8. Draw or Color

When it is 115 degrees outside, suggest coloring or drawing. This activity will keep the kids inside and out of the heat. Coloring and drawing can be relaxing or activate their creative side.

9. Paint

There are hundreds of items lying around your house that you can use to paint on canvases. Better yet, order a painting kit from Amazon. It comes with everything, and you won't have a bunch of extra material lying around the house when they are finished.

10. Enjoy a Hammock

Purchase a hammock for the yard. Not only will the kids love it, but you will as well. Use it for napping, reading, stargazing, sketching, etc. The kids love hanging outside in it, and I love being able to nap.

11. Farmers' Market

Every Saturday, our town has a local farmers' market. We love to walk around and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. The kids love to eat goodies and run around looking at the knick-knacks. It's an excellent opportunity to get them out of the house and spend some quality time together.

12. Book Store

Take them to a book store. Most bookstores nowadays have free wifi. So you can take your computer and work while the kids read or browse for books. Better yet, you can find a book you enjoy and get lost in it for hours. It's more likely that the kids will bug you before you get lost for hours in a book, but hey you never know.

13. Jewelry Making

Make some jewelry! Are friendship bracelets still popular? Get a kit that has all the essentials and make bracelets and anklets. The kids will have handmade gifts for their friends when they go back to school!

14. Lessons

Sign them up for lessons. Whatever their interests are, there is probably a class. Ask your child to see what they are currently interested in learning more about. Then find a course to enroll them in. Maybe it's learning an instrument, riding horses, swimming lesson, gymnastics, or summer sports.

15. Write a Short Story

If your kids love to read and write, suggest writing a short story. It doesn't have to be a novel. It could be something quick but is sure to spark their creativity. They could even make it a picture book by adding some doodles.

16. Tie-Dye

Purchase a tie-dying kit and some white t-shirts, socks, and shorts. Or tie-dye some old white shirts that arent white anymore! It will be a blast, and the kids will love their creations!

17. Make a Collage

Collect flowers, pictures, magazine clippings, etc. Get a poster board, and when they come across an item they like, add it to the board. By the end of summer, they will have a whole panel of clippings of places you went to and fun memories they made.

18. Go Rollerblading or Bike Riding

Sitting inside all day causes massive amounts of built-up energy. After the sun starts to set, it usually cools off enough to tolerate the heat. Go for a 30-minute bike ride before it gets too dark. Or if it's cool enough during the day and you have a paved driveway, unleash the kids on their rollerblades.

19. Generate Their Own List

If, after spending way too much time and effort on this list, they do not want to do any activities you offered, offer chores. Chances are they will go away. If they come back an hour later, tell them to develop a list of 20 activities. When they get bored and need a suggestion, they have an inventory of activities to choose from.

20. Let Them be Bored

When I was a kid, I played by myself all day. I learned how not only to be independent but keep myself entertained. Being bored is not the end of the world, although they usually feel that way. Allowing them to be bored is providing the opportunity for creativity. It is okay to let them be bored.

If all else fails...

I hope this list sparks some creativity! Remember, they are kids, and we are trying to build up the character of the next generation! Let the summer be full of fun!

Be reminded that you are choosing to participate in any or all of these activities. The Art of Variety takes no responsibility for any damages, losses, expenses, costs, or liabilities whatsoever.

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