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5 Gift Ideas For The Mom Who Has Everything

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

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In case you all didn't know, Mother's Day is exactly one month away! If you haven't started thinking about what you will surprise your mom with, this post is perfect for you. If your mom is anything like mine, she has EVERYTHING. She goes through these phases. One week she's into baking and ordering a variety of handy gadgets. The following week she'll be into making stickers and t-shirts with her Cricut.

My point is, my mom has it all, which makes shopping for her extremely difficult. The best part is that with every new week comes an opportunity to offer a unique gift custom to her current interest. If you need help picking out a special gift for your amazing mom, then check out these five gifts below:

1. For the Cooking Queen: A Dutch Oven

Every other day I am on Pinterest searching for dinner recipes. Lately, there have been quite a few that recommend a dutch oven. Out of curiosity, I looked up what the heck a dutch over was. Yes, I am that person. It turns out this thing does just about everything! Whether you are cooking meat, soup, or macaroni and cheese, it does it all. It's perfect for the mom who gets off work and wants to throw everything in one pot. Also ideal for the mom who burns everything on the BBQ, just saying.

2. For the Mom Who is Always in the Kitchen: Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

When is the last time you checked out your mom's oven mitts or pot holders? Take it from someone who cooks every night; she needs new ones. The Blue Q Store makes all kinds of hilarious objects. If your mom isn't into cooking but loves to joke around, go to the Blue Q. However, for the mom who makes dinner almost every night, this is the perfect opportunity to replace those grimy oven mitts!

3. For the Jokester: Socks

The Blue Q Store also sells hysterical socks. I won't even try to do them justice. Just go check them out for yourself.

4. For the Cricut Lover: Cricut Carrying Case

Like I said at the beginning, my mom loves her Cricut. The only issue is she has so many utensils for it and nowhere to put them all. They end up all over her table, the floor, even in the kitchen (because she gets sidetracked and walks around carrying them). She needs a place to consolidate all of her awesome gadgets. The Cricut Carrying Case is the ultimate gift for someone who needs to stay organized and has too much stuff.

5. For the Mom Who Already Has Everything on this List: Flowers

If your mom has all of these suggestions, then it's time to deploy the final option; flowers. Get her a stunning bouquet and have them delivered to her work. Better yet, deliver them yourself. Your mom wants nothing more for Mother's Day than to see the face of her child.

I hope this post helped you decide what to get the most amazing woman in your life for Mother's Day! Comment and let us know what you plan to get your mom! Don't forget to order it soon, Mother's Day is only a month away!

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