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Goodbye Seasonal Allergies

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

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Cue California poppies, melicgrass, oak pollen, and ALLERGIES. A few weeks ago, the clocks sprung forward 1 hour. Looking outside, it seems like the clocks sprung forward a month. Just like every year, pollen is covering Northern California. All the Common Wollysunflowers, Sticky Cinquefoil, and the Creamcups have bloomed. Not only are the flowers blooming, yes those are all names of flowers, but the trees have begun to blossom. I make no objections to their beauty. Only to the amount of times I have sneezed while writing this paragraph. If you are like me and are in dire need of finding a solution to the familiar runny nose, itchy eyes, and scratchy throat, look no further.

In March, doTERRA had an incredible offer called the "BOGO". At first glance, I tried to convince myself that I didn't need anymore oils. My finger may have slipped when I was trying to click "Exit" and accidentally clicked "Process Now." I ended up with some fantastic oils that I would have never thought to purchase. After purchasing them, I had no idea what I would do with all these oils I had never heard of. A friend of mine who is a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA sent me a link for a book exclusively on essential oils.


Click the photo...Come on... Do it....

If you love essential oils but don't always know the best way to utilize them, click the picture above and GET THIS BOOK! It covers everything from cooking, cleaning, even first aid tips. With allergy season in full swing, this book offers explanations on single oils, blends, and supplements that can kick that sneezing to the curb! With the summer season sneaking up, it even discusses mosquitos and sunscreen. Name your ailment, and the book gives a list of oils and even tells you how to use them.

Instead of all my wonderful oils just sitting in my drawer, I actually use them all now. Whether it is successfully diffusing oils to make my home smell like Christmas or combining oils with fractioned oil (linked below) to apply directly to my skin, I can do it all.

This book is spectacular, and I am astonished at the knowledge I have acquired! Thank you to Oil Life and my incredible friend for introducing me to this book!

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