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How to Get a FREE dōTERRA Membership!

Low and behold dōTERRA's free membership promotion is back and it has been extended to September! Yes, that is correct, September. So, if you have been wanting to purchase a membership, now is the time. As with new adventures comes an array of questions. Let us tackle these questions together!

What is the free membership promotion?

Oh you're going to be glad I asked for you. Currently when new members purchase an order of 150 PV or more the $35 enrollment fee is waived.

What is PV?

Above we mentioned that in order to earn the waived enrollment fee the order must be equal to or exceeding 150 PV. PV stands for point value, which is not the same as dollar amount. Check the total amount of PV in your cart on the right hand side of the page.

How do I know that the enrollment fee has been waived?

After checking and ensuring the 150 PV in your cart, view the cart itself. The enrollment fee will show up as an item and be marked as free in your shopping cart.

What else comes with my free membership?

Every year your membership is renewed with dōTERRA you receive a current issue of Living magazine.

What products do not qualify for this promotion?

Good news and great news, which would you like first?

If you said great news then you should probably read the following backwards.

Good news - most products apply to this promotion. If they don't it will be noted in your cart. From there you may choose to keep the product of remove it and add something else.

Great news - with this promotion you get to customize your enrollment kit!

Ready to get started customizing your enrollment kit without the initial membership fee?

Get signed up with dōTERRA HERE or send me a message to get started!

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