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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Do you ever scroll through Pinterest and see a recipe that looks good, or maybe it's a pair of shoes that are super cute? Do you want to know the truth about how hard it was to make that dinner look that good? Maybe you want to know if that super cute pair of shoes is going to kill your pinky toe to the point you want to cut it off. If you are anything like me, you wish you didn't have to jump from blog site to blog site to get this critical information. Even more so, are you ever in the middle of cooking that extravagant-looking meal and you forgot to pin the recipe? I bet for the life of you; you cannot remember the name of the blog site. Saying to yourself, "I think it had the word mom in the title." Try to google that one and let me know how it goes.

It would be so much easier if one blog site had honest reviews on cooking, clothing, books, coffee shops, traveling techniques, etc. We are creating a one-stop-shop for busy moms, businesswomen, young adults, etc. You name it; we can discuss it right here at The Art of Variety.

The Art of Variety will be the only blog name you need to remember from here on out. There is no need to jump from blog site to blog site trying to figure out which one had the recipe for homemade mac n cheese because that's the only recipe your kids like. Maybe you're trying to find the site with espresso that you brew on the stovetop? The Art of Variety will have it all, and all you need to do is subscribe.

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