The Art of  Variety

The Who

My name is Kattie Phillips, and I am excited to kick this site off finally! I grew up in a rural town in Northern California. I moved all over California while I was attending college. A fun fact about me is that I attended eight colleges in five years! I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business administration and finished all of my nursing prerequisites. I've worked in retail, healthcare, and the transportation industry. I find baking to be rather relaxing. I enjoy being outdoors, especially if I have a good book. Trying new activities and tasting out-of-the-ordinary foods exhilarates me. I am open-minded, ambitious, and always learning. If there are two objects I LOVE, they would be my boots and coffee! I hope you enjoyed this small exert about me. I hope to get the opportunity to get to know you and what makes you tick!

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